This is not a linear adventure. Do not read straight through. Follow the directions at the bottom of each page.

The proximity detector alarms. As you blearily open your eyes you feel around to the back of your head and gently pull out the sleeper wire. As the bioelectric impulses stop bombarding your brains limbic stem you fully awake to assess the situation.

14 days. That’s how long it’s been since you started this little jaunt. You sit up and motion the proximity detector to silence with a wave of your hand. You feel great. You should considering the amount of Imperial Credits you sunk into the Rest-Eaese bed that has fed you and kept you exercised while you passed the days away in a machine induced catatonic funk.

Your 100 ton Scout ship is looking about the same. Red lights immediately draw your attention to the fact that the disposable fuel tanks are depleted and a quick check shows that you juuuust have enough in reserve to get back to Rigalious High Port. Hopefully with some salvaged goods and sellable items from the lab ship Khyber .

You eat, shower, dress then seat yourself in the only chair in the command station. Your fingers fly over the well-known buttons and dials of your ship. In time the Khyber is brought into view.

A 400 ton Class “L” laboratory ship capable of sustaining 20 or so crew for a few months this one was probably built by the General Products megacorporation and maintains the typical ‘lab ship’ design. An inner spindle that is compromised of the shuttle bay, fuel cells engineering decks and associated crew, with one long strut that pops out of the spindle in right angles to attach to the ring. The strut houses an elevator that connects the laboratories, command station and main crew quarters which are located in the doughnut like ring surrounding the spindle.

The Khyber is not streamlined but should carry a Pinnace for space to ground transfer. 100 tons of ring space is often dedicated to laboratory equipment. Expensive equipment that needs to get back to the greedy hands of planet bound scientists that have cash and don’t ask questions. Cash that would go along way to paying off the debt you owe on this cramped, smelly yet tenderly loved Scout.

After going through the gauntlet of hailing frequencies you reach the same conclusion that the Vargr trader reached when she first happened on the out of place lab ship. The Khyber was dead.

You type in the last analysis for docking and as your ship preforms the delicate astrogative maneuvers to dock with the ships bay you don your armour, slip your cutlass to its sheath and check the charge on your laser pistol.

With a dull structural clang your ship attaches itself to the Kybers outer door. Just as the doors are about to open and you explore this supposed derelict vessel you wonder what were they doing 14 days away from anything worth doing lab tests on. And in a region of space so un-traveled that only by dumb luck that Vargr trader happened upon it.

Yeah, dumb luck.

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