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The hatch slides open and you quickly draw your almost spent laser pistol and try to hold it still in your shaking blood stained hands. What you expected was more Ine Givar terrorists to erupt out of this room but instead you see an old man who has used some spare Reflec material to wrap around him like a robe. He turns and looks at you, gauging you, his face unreadable. He slowly takes his hand from behind his back and cautiously drops his Thor Class laser pistol to a nearby desk.

“You are not an Ine Givar.” He says as a fact.

“Damn skippy! Now who the hell are you!” You try to be bold in your statement, but massive blood loss has almost drained you of your boldness reserve. You feel cold. However, something clicks in your head ‘You know this person’ yet you’ve never met before. Something very familiar…

“I am Emperor Strephon Aella Alkhalikol, Lord and Ruler of all the Imperium. And former hostage of these blighted terrorists.” He does a curt bow with a grace and style that could only come from generations of breeding. As he continues talking he flits around the room gathering supplies and downloading copies of laboratory processes.

“Two months ago they brided and blackmailed some very close associates of mine and I was soon captured. Betrayed by my own friends. In my place was put a synthetic android that was grown in one of these vats on this ship. You may have met some its predecessors, my captors threatened to unleash their ‘Monsters’ upon me if I did not co-operate. Closely guarded and guided the clone would eventually bring about the end of the Imperium and the eventual rise of an Ine Givar controlled stellar Dark Empire.” He then ceases his efforts in preparing to leave, notices your slumped posture and sees the amount of blood gushing from you. He quickly busts open a Medi-kit and applies the nanobandages with deft, strong fingers.

You gain 2d6 points of Physical Stats back.
Add a +1 to your SOC Stat, permanently.

When the bandages are secure and you’re feeling a bit healthier the Emperor continues.

“Through your efforts of winnowing down their numbers, I was able to physically overcome my guards. I now have enough evidence to reveal the plot and all the traitors in the Imperial court. And you…you, my hero will be rewarded with a Knighthood and a garden planet to have as your Dominion. You shall never be for want again and a fleet of Trading starships will be at your disposal.”

“Just one planet?” You ask.

Emperor Strephon looks at you and blinks incredulously.

“You are going to get along just fine in the royal courts of the Iridium Throne” Then he laughs.




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