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You did it! You can’t believe it but you survived. You quickly look around for a Medkit.

Really? You survived that guy? He was the worst I had to offer and you beat him? Your dice must be veeeery lucky this day. Ah well.

You gather a Medkit and follow the instructions. You get back 2d6 Stat points that you can put on your physical stats.

If you have the Medic Skill Roll 8 or higher adding either your INT or your EDU modifier.

  • If you succeed then you gain an extra 1d6 points of Stat healing.
  • If you fail, eh, nothing bad happens.

As the scars from the recent battle begin to knit themselves back together, you look at the remains of the last Khyber scientist. Research into cybernetic augmentation has always been limited by the human body, but the twisted form that lies inert before you has pushed those limits to far beyond the breaking point. Madness had clouded his mind and the body’s reaction to this much trauma had pushed him to slaughter everyone aboard the lab ship.

The ship itself was probably unlicensed and meant to be as un-noticeable as possible. As long as there were limits on cybernetics, both biologic and legal, there would be men who would pay big money to rogue scientists who pushed limits. This maniac was one such man.

And now you have his parts….Hmmmm.




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