Page 27

The theoretical schematics of how the previous crew hard-wired the Power Plant into the Jump Drive is both crazy and dangerous. After a few tries and a lot of sparks, you stop disconnecting the cables and sit back while you review the situation.
The knowledge that this ship (and you by default) are stretched between 2 separate universes is disquieting, to say the least. Nothing you can do about that from here. The information of what went on and why is locked up in Laboratory “C” which is in the ring part of this ship. The emergency Re-set key that operates the elevator to get to the ring part is in the crew decks below you.

However, you have an edgy feeling that something bad is in the lower crew decks.

Do you go below decks to explore and try to find the key? –Goto Page 16.
Do you say screw it and just get back into your Scout and leave the Khyber? –Goto Page 28.



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