Page 5

The Flight Deck is empty of the ships Pinnace and any crew. It is a 3 level tall space that spans 16.5 meters long by 10.5 meters wide. The floor is cluttered with a wide assortment of debris. Clothing, food packages, portable laboratory equipment and other various personal stuff. You quickly sift through the mess with your foot as you pan your electric torch from side to side looking for clues as to what happened here or at least some real nice chunks of salvage.

Flight deck 2

It would seem that although the crew seemed to leave in a hurry they took the time to turn off the lights. The Khyber is on standby power so only a few lights, often at exit points, are still lit. No air circulating devices are in operation and a quick check reveals that the main elevator to the ring portion of this ship in electric hibernation. Most of these basic ships operations can be re-started at the command center by someone with Piloting skills. The command center is of course in the ring section.

You look up at the distant ceiling. Massive hoists and pulleys are strewn about along with various cables and wire bundles. Every so often large cargo nets can be seen holding back empty supply containers. From the looks of it this ship was set out here by a crew who knew they were going to be here along time without re-supply. Strange.

There are two Probe launch bays to either side. Often the probes are sent missile-like to a planetary surface or some asteroid to conduct an exploratory survey. The doors don’t seem locked.

There are a set of hatches that can lead downward towards the Engineering sections and ancillary crew quarters. They can be jimmied open.

Explore the Probe bays Goto Page 6

Open the Hatch and go down to Engineering section Goto Page 8

Roll your Recon skill using either INT or EDU. Get 8 or higher to succeed.
If You succeed Goto Page 7.
If you fail the other options are still open.



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