Page 8

You work the bulky yet simple latch to the ladder that descends into the lower sections of the center of this empty ship. The air here smells stagnant and has a slight ting of liquid hydrogen. You work your way down past the 2 fuel tank levels immediately under the flight deck. You take the time to analyze the readouts on the main fuel usage display. At first there was a huge decrease in levels as this ship steered its way to this point. Then a slow and steady trickle of fuel was used, you suspect this was an efficient use of fuel to maintain the life supports. But every once in a while a large amount of fuel would be sent to the power plant to generate an incredible amount of energy, more than an average lab ship would ever need.

Head up to the Flight deck- Goto Page 5.
Travel down to the next level, the Engineering deck- Goto Page 10.
Travel down, but skip the Engineering deck, and head to the Auxiliary Crew Quarters- Goto Page 11.



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