Page 9

You pop open the elevator maintenance hatch and feel cold stagnate air wash over your hands. You shimmy into the breach and grapple with some grease stained cords as you begin to crawl through the very dark and cramped area. Further and further you travel through the dark. Your breath is coming out in clouds and you begin to breathe faster as what little air here is depleted. Your hands are growing numb with cold as the almost frozen grease covers them and makes them almost unusable in a slimy coating of black.

Then you reach the rings exit hatch. Your fingers fumble weakly for the tools needed to open it. In a time span that seems to be forever you loosen the bolts and push open the hatch. You unthinkingly erupt through the opening and land in a puddle of semi dried blood.

You flash your electric torch around the Staterooms common area and think about going back down into the elevator hatch.

Main state 02

The large room is a mess. Tables that were bolted down are now across the room and on their sides, ripped from their moorings. The entertainment center has been smashed to multiple sharp, electronic pieces and claw marks mar the walls. The back-up lighting has been torn out so the only illumination is in your wildly shaking hand. The putrid stench of rotting meat pervades this area, it soaks into your uniform and your hair becomes crusted with its smell.

And the blood. Splattered and dumped at random intervals about the place are vast quantities of drying blood. How long ago this massacre happened you have no idea.

You force yourself to breath in a more regular pattern. You assess the situation. With your back to the elevator you turn your light beam to your right, or anti-spin. You see a security door half open and the dim view of another crew stateroom area. You know from your research of the floor plans of this lab ship that the door to the command center can be accessed from either of the two common areas next to this one you are in. There you should be able to access the computers and find out what happened here.

You then shine the light in front of you and see a hall way in which 6 staterooms connect, 3 to a side. Some doors are open, some are shut and at least one has been torn off its hinges and shredded. From one of the open stateroom doors shines a very dim green light and the faint strands of music. The music is repetitive and simplistic in nature.

Just then a crashing sound comes from the spinward security doorway. You quickly shine your light to the left and can see its security door is locked and that something actually clawed into the metal of the door from this side, trying to gain access to the crew staterooms beyond. No matter how long you wait without breathing no other sound comes from there.

Do you go anti-spin to the open security door to the next area of crew staterooms- Goto Page 12.
Do you go spinward to find a way to open the clawed at locked security door- Goto Page 17.
Do you check out these staterooms here- Goto Page 19.
Do you decide to call it quits, head back down the elevator shaft, past the Flight deck, to your Scout and then hightail it the hell away from this hell-hole. All the while praying that you don’t get nabbed by some Imperial Agents as an accomplice to some horrendous crime scene. Goto Page 20.



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