Sweaty, Heavy and Dull. Never leave home without it.




You start with this TL 7 Armour below.

Flac Jacket (TL7): A heavy sleeveless jacket of ballistic cloth, often with ceramic/metal inserts to stop powerful projectiles. Generally only covering the torso and groin, a flak jacket can be concealed under a bulky coat but will be easily spotted by all but the most cursory glance. The Scutum brand Flac Jacket is the basic piece of Armour that veterans muster out with often riddled with bullet holes and memories.
Skill=none, ARMOUR= 4 , cost=100 cr ,Mass= 2 KG

You can trade in the TL 7 for this next TL 8 armor if you got ‘Armour’ on the Benefits Roll

Ballistic Vest (TL8): A flexible and relatively light Flak jacket intended to be worn semi-discreetly. It is still fairly obvious but can be concealed under a light jacket, whereas a Flac jacket is much more blatant. The Body Ward 34.7 is made mainly by McClellan Factors Corporation based in Sector268. Although primarily a shipping business, the Corporation branched out to personal body wear due to the high risk of pirate activity in this area.
Skill=none, ARMOUR= 5 , cost=200 cr ,Mass= 1 KG

If you rolled 2 ’Armour’s on the Benefits Roll you can trade in the TL 8 for this next TL 9 armor

Improved Flac Jacket (TL9): A somewhat better version of the Tech Level 7 flac jacket it offers advanced protection. It is otherwise similar. This type of armour recently gained popularity due to the Holo-Vid Action Hero series “Crimson Star” . The main character, Miley Crimson, is often seen in her Escutcheon Class Improved Flac Jacket that she adoringly calls her “Rubber Baby Boobie Bumper”. Her armour has a built-in series 3 computer interface and auto Med-Kit. Yours, however, does not.
Skill=none, ARMOUR= 6 , cost=300 cr ,Mass= 2 KG

If you rolled 3 ’Armour’s on the Benefits Table…nothing else happens. Kind of a waste.


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