GUN FIRE Cutlass

For those times you want to reach out and touch someone

weapon (melee)

You start with this TL 2 Cutlass below.

Cutlass (TL2): You muster out of the military with a fairly short bladed, heavy sword weapon sometimes featuring a full basket hilt to protect the hand. The cutlass has a single cutting edge and no point. It is intended for close quarters hacking (and is consequentially known as the ‘Butchers Blade’ in some circles). Cutlasses are the standard shipboard blade weapon, often kept near airlocks to repel boarders.
Skill=Melee(blade), Damage 2d6+4 , cost=100 cr , Mass=1 KG

If you roll Blade’you may either trade out your TL 2 Cutlass for this TL 10 Cutlass or gain +1 in Melee-Blade Skill.

Static Cutlass (TL10): A heavy hilt incorporating a static field generator, the static cutlass is a powerful polymer blade that slices between the molecules of a target as much as it does physically damage it. This weapon ignores the first 2 points of Armour of any target it strikes. Often a status symbol among Sword World captains, the Messer is a top quality brand.
Skill=Melee(Blade), Damage 2d6+4 , Cost=250 cr , Mass=1.5 KG

If you rolled ‘Blade’ again you may either trade out your TL 10 Cutlass for this TL 12 Cutlass or gain +1 in Melee-Blade Skill.

Monofilament Cutlass (TL12): An advanced sword weapon using a monofilament edge (a cutting edge just 1 molecule thick created by spinning a single-molecule strand rather than paring down a thicker object to a molecular edge). Found as a Darrian Post-Maghiz artifact, the technology was retro engineered by the Imperium. A monofilament Cutlass is as sharp as any physical object can be. All Armour is halved in value (round down) against this weapon.
Skill=Melee(Blade), Damage 2d6+4 , cost=575 cr , Mass= 0.5 KG


GUN FIRE Cutlass

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