Sometimes overkill is not enough kill.

weapon (ranged)



You start with this TL 9 Laser Pistol below.

Laser Pistol (TL 9): The basic military issue laser pistol is the Orion-Fire Mark 12 Laser Pistol. It is quite bulky, although it is smaller and handier then a carbine. It is primarily useful for zero-G troops who may require a recoil-less weapon that can be used in one hand. The short collimating tube of a pistol limits this weapons effective range considerably. A conventional laser pistol of this sort needs an external power supply. A belt pack is normally used. It is good for 50 shots before needing to be recharged.

Skill=Gun Comb.(Energy Pistol), Damage 3d6, Shots=50 Cost=2000 cr ,Mass=3 KG

If you rolled ‘Gun Combat-Laser Pistol’ again on the Mustering out Table you may either trade in your TL 9 Laser pistol for this next one or take a +1 Gun Combat-Laser Pistol Skill.

Advanced Laser Pistol (TL 11): At higher tech levels it becomes possible to focus a laser beam in a much shorter distance, allowing a far more effective laser pistol to be created. The most recent advance in laser fie tech is the Thor Series-D12, a stylish side arm manufactured by MagnetoDynamics Inc who have a contract with the Imperial military. The weapon is still dependent on a bulky belt power pack. Primarily used by noble status beings across the Imperium, it is a positive nod to style to wear one of these fine weapons.

Skill=Gun Comb.(Energy Pistol), Damage 3d6+3 , Shots=100 Cost=3000 cr , Mass=3 KG

Any more rolls of ‘Gun Combat-Laser Pistol’ must be put to your Skills.


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