OK, so you are an 18 year old man or woman or Hiver or whatever and decided to enlist in the military for a couple years and see the universe because not a whole lot of anything was happening on your home world. (A really nice place with a dense methane atmosphere and well known for its Groat jerky.) So you pack up some sandwiches, put on your best traveling clothes with filter mask and look at yourself in the mirror just as you are about to leave your family home.


Here’s where we roll for your Stats. Stats are a way to define who your character is. Is he strong? Smart? Well-liked by all he meets? Go ahead and roll 2d6 six times. I’ll be tough on you and say you have to apply the results as rolled in the order you rolled them. (Again I’d like to point out that no one is watching and you could just make this stuff up. But I know you won’t ‘cause you are a super cool dude and your posse’ don’t roll that way)


For now on I’m just gonna use the first 3 letters to represent the Stats (i.e. STR, INT…) If you rolled real low, you suck at any skills that use this Stat. If you rolled really high you get a bonus to rolling the skills that use this Stat. Here’s a table showing the Modifiers (for now on known as Mods)

Character Stat Dice Modifier
0 -3
1-2 -2
3-5 -1
6-8 0
9-11 +1
12-14 +2
15 +3

Here’s the tricky thing. As you progress through the strangely silent laboratory ship you might get damaged. This means points are taken from your Stats. If your Stats drop then you must apply the new Mods to any rolls you must make until you heal yourself. More on that later.


At the nearby Starport a very persuasive recruitment officer talked you into signing up for 3 Terms. A ‘Term’ lasts for 4 years. As you endure the military life you gain certain skills that your superiors feel will make you useful to them and aid in your survival in a universe that you just recently found out wants to obliterate you.


Unlike the official Traveller game, these skills work like this…. As you gain a skill think of it as skill+ 1 , so if you have no Recon then rolled it you now have Recon 1. If you later on rolled Recon again, you now have Recon 2 and so forth.
During the adventure you may be asked to roll a skill check. This means roll 2d6 and add or subtract your Stat modifier (it’ll tell you which one) and add your skill rank to try to achieve 8 or greater. If you do then you succeed and may proceed in that direction, if you fail then you can’t go in that direction.
If you do not have the skill in question you can still try it, but add or subtract your Stat Modifier and -3.


You are automatically placed at ‘0’ Rank called Marine. This gives you a Gun Combat- Energy Pistol skill.


Figuratively everything that’s gonna happen next happens in a 4 year span of time so go ahead and just add that now to your age. After your first term return back here to start your second term (add 4 more years) then again for your third and last term (add 4 years to a sum of 30 years old). When you’re done with the 3 terms of enlistment go to STEP F.

Below are 3 tables. Chose one table and roll 1d6 to gain a skill. You can only roll on the Advanced Education Table only if your EDU Stat is 8 or higher.

1 +1 Strength 1 Recon 1 Sensors
2 +1 Dexterity 2 Stealth 2 Medic
3 +1 Endurance 3 Gun Combat-Energy Pistol 3 Pilot Spacecraft
4 Gambler 4 Medic 4 Gun Combat-Energy Pistol
5 Medic 5 Melee-Cutlass 5 Explosives
6 Melee-Cutlass 6 Mechanic 6 Computers



Survival in a hostile Universe takes luck. Roll a 5 or above using your END Mod (+ or -). If you succeeded goto STEP D. If you failed….well…. roll once on this Injury Table and go directly to STEP B.

1 You are nearly killed by Stellar Pox!!! Reduce one physical characteristic by 1d6, reduce both other physical characteristics by 2 (or one of them by 4). At this point you may want to think about becoming an accountant.
2 Forced into an Honor Duel with an Aslan Warrior. Reduce one physical characteristic by 1d6.
3 An eye or limb was splashed with caustic acid. Reduce Strength or Dexterity by 2.
4 Wielded a defective Plasma Gun (Man Portable). You are scarred and injured. Reduce any one physical characteristic by 2.
5 Injured. Reduce any physical characteristic by 1.
6 Lightly injured. No permanent effect. (you lucky bastard)



Maaaan, that last step was a bitch! Glad to see you made it safe and sound. No time to rest though, things in the space military are always hopping. Roll on the Events table once to see if things are weal or woe for you in the Unit.

1 Disaster!! Roll on the Injury Table. NOTE : If you roll a 1 on the Injury Table you are too unlucky to live. Your character died a horrible death and your name is synonymous with “DOOM”. Roll up a new Character….if you dare.
2 Your Unit is slaughtered in a disastrous planet side battle. Roll 8 or higher with a END Mod (+ or- ). If you succeed gain Either Stealth or Explosives. If you fail go to the Injury table and roll; You may go to STEP E afterwards.
3 You are thrown into a vicious little rebel uprising in an urbanized area. Gain either Computers, sensors or Mechanic .
4 Your best friend and companion is eaten by a Leaping Snowcat. You morn the loss, but your zest for life increases. Gain SOC + 1.
5 Your commanding officer takes an interest in your career. Either gain Pilot Spacecraft skill or a + 4 Dice Mod to your next Advancement roll thanks to her aid.
6 You display heroism in battle and receive the Starburst For Extreme Heroism (SEH). Generals, Admirals and Subsector Dukes will all salute you. You automatically gain Advancement (and may then Roll for Advancement this term also!)



Now you get a chance to shine. This is the Advancement part. Roll a 5 or above using your INT Mod (+ or -). If you succeed then you get to roll on the Skills Table one extra time and go up a rank as shown in this next table. If a skill is next to the new rank, you get that skill.

If you don’t make it, no worries, maybe next term.

0 Marine Gun Combat-Energy Pistol
1 Lance Corporal -
2 Corporal Recon
3 Sergeant Pilot Spacecraft

After rolling for rank, Go back to STEP B and start over again.


Well you made it! Your contract is up and you tell the military to go screw it’s self…wait…you’ll do that AFTER you muster out. You automatically get a Orion-Fire Mark 12 Laser Pistol, Scutum class Flac jacket and a Ships Cutlass. These items can be found in the Items wiki.

You were in the service for 3 terms so you roll 3 times, plus…

  • You get a roll for every Rank you achieved past 0.
  • You get an extra roll if you gained The Starburst Of Extraordinary Heroism badge.
  • If you have the Gambler skill then you can adjust your roll up or down the table for as many ranks in that skill.
    Ready… Set… Loot those bastards!
1 Combat Implant (See Items Page: Combat Implants) Gain one of the offered Augmentations at its lowest Tech Level. If you roll this again then you may choose another Augmentation or increase the Tech Level of the one you already possess.
2 +1 Intelligence Stat
3 +1 Education Stat
4 Gun (See Items Page: Laser Pistol) You may trade in your old weapon for one that is the next highest Tech Level. Or you can gain a + 1 skill to Gun Combat-Energy Pistol.
5 Armour (See Items Page: Armour) You may trade in your old Armour for one that is the next highest Tech Level.
6 Blade (See Items Page: Cutlass) You may trade in your old weapon for one that is the next highest Tech Level. Or you can gain a + 1 skill to Melee-Cutlass.

Alright, over the past 12 years you made a lot of friends, fought a lot of battles and have grown more mature both in attitude and looks (acid splashed in the face as a mishap…what the hell?!?). You cash in a few favors and pull some strings and now find yourself the proud owner of a 100 ton Scout ship. It’s a little rusty, but is still able to travel the star ways.

You are in a seedy spaceport bar celebrating you’re freedom and lamenting the fact that you’re dirt poor when a Vargr offers to buy you a drink. She tells a story about how she ran across a seemingly empty laboratory ship out in the middle of nowhere just ready for the taking. She offers you the co-ordinates to the hulk in exchange for a percentage of the salvage profits.

The ships name is The Khyber.

Seems like an easy job.


Start Adventure at Arrival.


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