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Combat in GUN FIRE is fairly simplistic, but done in 2 parts. In one part you will be rolling for you and another part will be rolling for your enemy.
Using a laser pistol will often grant you a free first attack on your enemy. This represents the distance from you to your target. Often the enemy will close the distance and you may have to resort to using Melee-Cutlass skill.
If able, successfully rolling your Stealth skill will grant you a free attack.
After any free attacks you see who has the highest DEX. That person (or homicidal extraterrestrial being) goes first.

Let’s say your DEX is higher and attack the enemy first. You choose a weapon to attack with and roll for that skill using any STR or DEX modifiers that would apply. If you succeed at hitting (remember 8 or higher) then roll the weapons damage.

After you roll for damage, check out your enemy’s’ Armour Score. Subtract the Armour from the incoming damage you just rolled. Any damage left over gets through the Armour and is then subtracted from the Damage Counter.
The enemy’s Damage Counter and its Seriously Wounded number will be displayed in its stat box. When you shoot or pummel the enemy to below its Seriously Wounded number it has a -2 modifier to all its attacks. When its Damage Counter is at 0 then it is defeated.

However, things are slightly different when you get attacked.
You roll for the enemy to attack you and add in any Modifiers from the enemy’s Stat box. If it is 8 or higher you will take damage.
Roll the damage dice of the enemy found in the Stat box.
Subtract your Armour from the incoming damage.
Any leftover damage can then be subtracted from your Physical Stats(STR, DEX and END). This damage can be divided in any way to any of the 3 Stats.

(Be mindful of the Stat Modifier chart from the Character Generation wiki ! If a Stat, like DEX for example, goes to 5 you would get a – 1 to all skills using that Stat. If it drops to 2 or lower your mod is now a – 2, if it goes to 0 your mode will be a – 3 when you use a skill from that Stat.)

If during play one of your Stats drop to 0, that’s bad but still survivable.
If 2 Stats drop to 0 then you are unconscious and will probably die a horrible death best not wrote about just in case children are reading this stuff. Chances are that whatever took you down to that level will keep attacking your unconscious body and take your last stat to 0 and then you’re dead.
Here’s the kicker, if you take damage in all 3 of your Physical Stats then you are Seriously Wounded. This means that every time you use any skill you must put a – 2 modifier to it. Enemies have a Seriously Wounded number and they also suffer the – 2 modifier in their attack rolls also.

Medi-Kits are strewn throughout the Khyber. When you have an option to use one and need to, then you can roll a Medic skill with INT or EDU modifiers to boost your physical Stats up by 2d6. These points can be spread any way to any number of Stats.

Your Stats…STR=9, DEX=10, END=9, Melee-Cutlass skill= + 3
Your Weapon…Static Cutlass—Damage= 2d6+ 4 ( Ignore the first 2 points of enemy armour)
Your Armour… Flac Jacket 4

You are walking down a street on the desert planet of Avastan. Not a smart move to go alone due to the high pirate population and increased crime rate. As you turn a corner you see that the insurrectionist, your target from the bounty papers, is leaning against a wall. The wall unfortunately belongs to a local crime cartel. Laser pistols are out of the question as you see some anti-energy weapons security drones nearby. You’re going to have to do this the old fashioned way. Cutlass. If you succeed in a Stealth roll you might get the upper hand against him.

Roll Stealth with ant DEX modifiers. Get 8 or higher.
If you succeed you get a free attack .
Then after that compare the DEX of you two.

Enemy Stats…DEX=8, Damage Counter=21, Seriously Wounded=7 or lower
Enemy Weapons…Broad Sword— Modifiers to hit=+2, damage=4d6
Enemy Armour… Mesh 2

Your DEX is higher so you go first, then him, then you then him and so on.

You roll your Melee-Cutlass skill which is a + 3 with either a STR or your DEX mod. They are both the same so you add + 1 to that for a total of + 4. You roll 2d6 + 4 and try to get 8 or above.
11 Nice job, you hit him, now roll damage, which is 2d6+ 4
9 Not the greatest, but atleast the cutlass ignores his Armour.
You subtract 9 from his damage counter of 21 and now he’s got 12. His turn…

You roll his attack with the modifier of +2, you roll a 12 it’s a hit! Then you roll his damage which is 4d6… 15 , Holy crap, that sword is massive! Luckily you are wearing armour that reduces the incoming damage to a total of 11.
Now you put 11 points of damage to your Physical Stats in a way that all 3 aren’t damaged and you try to not get to 5 or lower….STR=9 (untouched) DEX=2 and END=6. Ah well.

You roll your Melee-Cutlass skill which is a + 3 with either a STR or your DEX mod. (defiantly NOT your DEX…that would be a -2 mod to the attack) so you use STR and its + 1 for a total of +4.
You roll 8 just hitting him. You roll damage 8 taking him down to 4 and into seriously wounded territory.

Now his turn. You try to get above 8 on 2d6 with his now reduced modifier of + 0. 6. He did not hit you. Your turn…

You roll 2d6+ 4 and get a 9, good enough to hit. Rolling damage of 16 that all gets past his armour and reduces his Damage Counter to way below 0.

The insurrectionist falls to the junk scattered ground. You quickly look around to see if anyone noticed the fight (or at least cared) as your breaths come in jagged gulps sending the fetid scent of burning plastic right into your lungs. You quickly roll the still breathing fugitive up in a discarded hunk of cardboard and heft his limp body over your shoulder. Best get back to the Scout Ship before and collect the bounty before his pals start showing up.

Pretty quick and deadly, just like Traveller. If you want to make a Character now, go HERE.
If you want to start the Khyber scenario, go HERE.

Good luck.


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