Hey all! I’m Hammerfe77 and I love to play Traveller. What got me into the role playing games however was the ‘Choose your own Adventure Books’ I read as a kid. What I’m going to try here is to Frankenstein-ishly duct tape the two together.

If you’ve played Traveller before, great. You’ll find that I really simplified the rules and it may not be as fun as a real game. But then again it’s only you going through a scenario onboard the lost Khyber and considering my writing skills, it will be (thankfully) brief.

If you’ve never played Traveller before, it’s a science Fiction Role playing game that has hung around in one form or another since the late 1970’s. The most important thing to know is that it uses two 6-sided dice and rolling an 8 or higher usually means you succeed at what you’re doing. Here is a free S.R.D. that may spark your interest… Traveller SRD

You can roll the dice at your computer desk or use the handy Dice Roller that Obsidian Portal has provided. (Up there at the top right.)

In this ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’… er…..adventure, there is no wrong move. Oh sure, sometimes you may find yourself blown–up or eaten, but that goes with the territory of searching through a derelict space ship. This is written non-linear and has multiple endings decided by you. Read the Adventure Log, and then choose your next action by clicking on one of the choices. Sometimes you may have to succeed in a skill roll to be able to pick one of the choices (or pretend that you succeeded, really guys, no one’s looking).

First things first. In the spirit of the Traveller game you should make a character. Go head on to the Wiki page called Character Generation. Or you can gain abetter understanding of the few rules here at Guts an’ Stuff. Or if you are ready to rock and roll, then by all means head off to the Arrival page.

Oh, one small thing. There is a Sl-iiiii-ght chance you might die as you are making your character.


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