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With adrenaline induced speed you shimmy down the frigid cold, grease smeared cables of the elevator shaft. You exit into the huge flight deck area and without looking back you literally run through the open transit doors and into your safe Scout. You slam the doors shut and jump into the pilot chair. Your fingers fly over the buttons and dials and soon you feel the thrust of your Scout push you back into your seat.

You fix your gaze on the monitor that shows the Khyber slowly shrinking as the distance between you and that grizzly ship increases. ‘What happened there?’ you wonder. ‘What horrible thing walks those passages and shambles through those doors?’

“I closed the doors to the Scout when I left…” You mumble as you reach for your laser pistol. Your hand grabs air. You tossed it aside as you entered. You look towards the transit doors.

There you see an old man standing. He wears a large scrap piece of Reflec around him like an ill-fitting robe. It has multiple blood splatter stains on it. His white hair is matted and caked with filth and his eyes are shot red with burst vessels, as if he hasn’t slept in days. Since you were in the military you immediately notice the tell tail bruises of where he must have shot himself full of mind altering drugs that have the effect of increased physical strength with a side order of crazy.

He seems highly modified with brand new and very illegal augmentations. His subdermal armour surgery has been very recent, the scares are still red and painfull looking. A biomechanical forearm and hand has been jammed onto his flesh and tubes of glowing green fluid pump from it into his body. On each finger of the robotic arm there is a long serrated blade extending out. They look unclean from all the dried blood.

“We dug too deep, Cornelius.” He drools as he rambles, eyes rolling in his head.

“We dug too deep.”

He then follows your gaze to the item in his hand.
A laser pistol.
Your laser pistol.
He fires.

This sneaky mass murderer gets a free attack on you as he shoots you with your laser pistol.

His DEX= 15, Weapon= Laser pistol, Skill= + 1
His Total mods to hit= + 4 , Damage= 3d6
His Armour= 3 , Damage Counter= 36 , Seriously Wounded= 10

Now compare DEX scores. The highest one goes first.
If the crazed scientist wins, he will fire the laser gun again at you. He will then throw the gun away from the fight and start to use his bionic claw hand. You have only your cutlass to defend yourself with.

He cackles madly and jumps around the cramped space of your Scout on modified cybernetic assisted legs with an amazing speed. The bionic parts must be tearing away at the biological in an orgasm of pain, but the crazed scientist is too far gone into his psychosis to notice. He flicks his bionic arm toward you and a spray of blue plasma energy crackles around the fingers. An Arc-Field Claw.
This can’t be good.


His DEX= 15, Weapon= Arc-Field Claw, Skill= + 1
His Total mods to hit= + 4 , Damage= 3d6+ 2
His Armour= 3 , Damage Counter= 36 , Seriously Wounded= 12

If you survive this encounter Goto Page 21.
If you are killed Goto Page 22.


Marine Lance Corporal Burton Smith III wipes his bloody Messer static cutlass clean on the mad man’s dead body. As he painfully stoops to retrieve his standard issue Laser pistol, a thought briefly crosses his mind, ‘Where are all the Virgins I was promised?’.


Page 20

dangit Youngerpliny! I said “Virgins if you die” Obviously this guy was too easy for you so I amped him up with some Subdermal armour and a nasty claw. This page was meant to be a dead end (hence the chilling song at the top) but I guess I have to write 2 more pages of outcomes. Back to work…

Page 20

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